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What is Emission?

Emission is a monitoring tool developed by DYNAMARINe for the fuel consumption and the CO2 Emissions on board. The software utilizes the daily noon reports and through statistical analysis provides the end user with an in depth analysis of the consumption, the energy patterns and the allocation of the energy usage. More specifically Emission can offer the following:

  • Have an easy access to all of your fleet data from a web browser
  • Receive comprehensive reports, whenever a voyage is completed and customized energy reports for your company
  • To have a clear view of fuel consumption and allocation, on a daily basis
  • To be able to proceed with an in depth analysis of the energy flow with sophisticated graphs
  • To compare your company's sister ships with respect to energy performance and discover inconsistencies
  • Tool for pre-planning a voyage based on historical performance data
  • Export all your data, upon request
  • Automated Notifications
  • To perform benchmarking among different ships.
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Using Emission

Emission is a very simple platform to use. Companies that participate have instructed their masters to send the noon reports to a dedicated email address. All the noon reports are automatically parsed and entered into the system. No further human interference is required. Company’s can keep the noon reporting format, they already use. There is no need to change the existing practices and policies. Emission is customized to the needs of each company!

Aim of Emission

Emission program is using a unique platform, where all the data are controlled and validated before entering the database. The main scope of Emission is to provide useful tools to the operators to control the energy performance of their fleet. Every noon report received by the system is checked for inconsistencies and in case of extreme consumption an alarm is informing the user. Emission, focuses to reduce operators work load with respect to monitoring the energy efficiency of the vessels.

Participate in Emission

Participation to the Emission system is very easy. You just need to send us a sample noon report and we will do the rest. The only precondition is that the noon report is in a structured format and not plain text.

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